Research Data and reproducibility

Universe Scientific Publishing requires that the data provided or used by authors must be correct and scientific to ensure that the results of the research we obtain are scientifically credible. The data availability policy references FORCE11 to ensure greater transparency and availability of articles published in Universe Scientific Publishing journals.


Availability of data/materials

Journals encourage authors to submit all original datasets to the editorial office along with the submission step of the manuscript, and for cited or used datasets, please provide the source of the data and a link to it with a permanent identifier. It should be noted that all datasets must be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (exceptions are allowed if the data cannot be made public for legal or ethical reasons) so that other researchers can find and use the data. It is advisable to specify all relevant information about the data at the time of manuscript submission so that peer review can identify and monitor the scientific validity of this work.


Data Citation

The journal encourages authors to provide citation sources for all data used in the article, including but not limited to data generated in the work, datasets analyzed in correlation studies. These citations should be listed in the references in a format such as:

  • Author Name. Data title. Repository name (version), year. Permanent identifier.


Data Repository

The journal encourages authors to store their data permanently, so if the data repository you are storing in is inaccessible, please reposit the data to another repository. If changes are made to the data, authors must notify the editorial office in a timely manner to update the information and ensure that the dataset is accessible and monitored for 5 years after publication.

The Publisher recommends that authors store their datasets on subject community datastores, and authors can find the appropriate community datastores in and The data repository needs to fulfill the following basic conditions at the same time:

1) permanent data storage;

2) provide numerical identifiers (e.g. doi) for the datasets;

3) free access to the dataset.


Authors also should select the generalized dataset repositories, for example: